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Diesel electric power generator IPG300

  • Prime Power:
    300 Kva
    240 Kw
  • Stand-by Power:
    330 Kva
    264 Kw
  • Perkins engine
  • Leroy Somer alternator
Technical specifications
Perkins generators in GhanaDiesel electric power generator IPG300 in Ghana
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Diesel electric power generator IPG300

Perkins electric power engine in Ghana



Prime Power Kva/Kw


Stand-by Power Kva/Kw


Voltage / Frequency

400 V / 50 Hz

Perkins Engine



1500 Series

Fuel Tank Capacity (Ltrs)


Approximate Weight net (Kg)


Dimensions L X W X H cm


Full technical specifications:
Diesel electric power generator IPG300 in Ghana

The Perkins 1500 Series gives electric power customers the perfect balance of low ownership costs, world-class power density and dependable performance. With a proven, validated core, robust fuel system and excellent capability at altitude and in intense heat, these engines provide an ideal solution for customers operating in tough climate conditions in unregulated territories.

  • 1506A-E88TAG ElectropaK
  • 8.8 litre
  • 202-299 kWm standby net power @ 1500 rpm
  • 242-345 kWm standby net power @ 1800 rpm

This engine does not comply to Harmonised International Regulated Emissions Limits

1506A-E88TAG Standard Equipment

Air inlet system

  • Mounted air filter and turbocharger

Cooling system

  • Air-to-air charge cooler incorporated in radiator
  • Mounted belt driven pusher fan
  • Radiator supplied loose with all guards and pipes
  • Thermostatically controlled with belt driven, circulating pump and belt-drive fan

Electrical equipment

  • 24 volt starter motor and 24 volt 45 amp alternator with DC output
  • ECM mounted on engine with wiring looms and sensors

Flywheels and flywheel housing

  • Aluminium SAE 1 flywheel housing
  • High inertia flywheel to SAE 1 J620 Size 355.6 mm (14 in)

Fuel system

  • Electronic governing to ISO 8528-5 with stand-alone isochronous and load-sharing capabilities
  • Fuel filter, fuel transfer pump, fuel priming pump
  • HEUI fuel system with full authority electronic control
  • Spin on primary, secondary and water filter separator


  • Front engine mounting bracket

Oil system

  • Full flow spin-on filters
  • Oil pump gear driven
  • Wet full aluminium sump with filler and dipstick

Greater functionality

A great feature of the series is the ease with which users can move between 50-60 Hz power frequencies. So if you’re a rental company shipping from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia, for example, you just flick a switch to meet local standards. There’s no technician to call, making life easier for you and the operator.

All the engines in the 1500 Series benefit from our electric power warranty of one year unlimited hours or two years with up to 500 hours use per year. Your engine will also be supported by our highly trained global distributor network, who will ensure it keeps running whenever and wherever it’s used.

Lower operating costs

The 1500 Series in designed to provide low cost of ownership, simple maintenance and reduced downtime. Oil change intervals are set at 500 hours as standard. One of its most impressive benefits is a fuel saving of up to seven percent on previous models. This is significant in terms of reducing ownership and operating costs. In fact, five to seven years of fuel savings at this level will pay for the entire cost of the engine.

Performance you can rely on

Our 1500 Series has world-class power density that is achieved using a hydraulic actuated unit injection (HEUI) fuel system. This makes the engine robust enough for any territory as it can cope with the variation in fuel quality around the world. The engines are also designed to provide reliable power even in the most extreme climates and performed above and beyond expectations in ambient testing. It also has an improved capability of up to eight percent at altitude making it a durable and dependable performer.